AAU Wisconsin Capitols

These teams are for players in our area to start to develop their overall hockey sense. We feel that this is a part of their game that players are beginning to fall behind in.

We are offering a place where kids can have two full-ice practices, with only 1 team on the ice, every week. They’ll start to learn positioning on the ice, learn how to create space with the puck for themselves and their teammates, and learn how to move with or without the puck to create space. They’ll continue to develop their skating & stick-handling skills through different drills and scenario’s they’ll be placed in with different drills. But we also want to really have a focus on starting to develop their feel for the game or "hockey sense" and develop their all-around game as a hockey player & teammate as well.

With us, they’ll be able to do it in an environment with good coaching and an approach to it that will have a positive impact on your skaters game and improvement/development that you’ll be able to see. 


Teams will have at least of 50 hours of on-ice, team only team practice time.

Teams will have at least 2 power skating focused on-ice sessions with our club Power Skating Instructor.

Teams will have at least 2 on-ice skill sessions with our club skills coach & other coaches on staff. 


Team will play at least 24 games, 4 to 5 events (Tournaments or Showcases). 

Apparel & Equipment


  • Sweatshirt
  • Baseball Hat
  • Home jersey + socks
  • Away jersey + socks
  • Practice jersey
  • Player equipment bag
  • Warrior hockey gloves
  • Warrior breezer covers

Tryout Information

Cost is $65.00 per skater. They’ll be given a jersey at check-in that is theirs to keep.

No parents allowed in the arena for the duration of the tryout session. They can help their kiddo get ready, but then we ask they wait outside until the tryout session has concluded.

We will let everyone know whether they’ve made the team or not by Friday, July 12th, 2024 @ 5:00 PM

Tryout Schedule

Team Dates Check In Start Equipment Fitting On-Ice Time Location
AAU 9U 7/8 & 7/10 5:40pm 5:40pm-6:20pm 6:30pm-7:30pm Rink B
AAU 8U 7/9 & 7/11 5:50pm 5:50pm-6:30pm 6:40pm-7:40pm Rink B

Questions? Please contact:

Garrett Suter



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