Crossbar FAQs

I'm new to Crossbar, how do I register my child for one of your programs?

Where and how do I view my past or future payments on Crossbar?

  1. Log into your Legacy20 Arena Middleton Crossbar account. Select the Billing tab on the left side navigation. 
  2. This billing page allows you to view your payments/balances, as well as edit or remove old Payment Methods. 

Why does my Crossbar account show that I have credits available? 

Depending on the situation, administrators will issue credits to certain players accounts. These will show up in the account under Credit Balance. Credits will be able to be applied towards future registrations or invoices. 

For example, a program needed to reschedule a session. The value of that session fee may be added to the their account to be applied towards a future registration. 

Who do I contact if I have questions on my fees or payment issues?

First, refer to the fact sheet(s) and other documents provided to families during registration. If you still have questions, please contact

I want to add additional family members to my child’s account. How do I do that? 

  1. Log in to your organization’s website using the same email address. This must be done on the Legacy20 Arena Middleton website, not the mobile app. 
  2. Click Account in the top navigations. 
  3. Click Participants in the left navigations (click the down arrow if you are accessing the website from a mobile device. 
  4. Click “View Details” on the participant in questions. 
  5. Once on the player profile, click +Add Account at the top. 
  6. Enter the user’s email address. If the user already has an account, they will be added immediately. If the user does not have an account, then a verification email will be sent to them. They must click on the link to verify their email and then create an account by supplying their name, selecting a password, and supplying a phone number. The user will be added once they have created their account. 

How do I add my child’s Crossbar calendar to my Apple, Google, or Outlook calendar? 

To sync your calendar to your personal device from the Legacy20 Arena Middleton website, you’ll need to log into your Crossbar account then navigate to the Family Calendar at the top left of the site. 

Select the Calendar Feed to find specific instructions on how to download and connect the Family calendar to your preferred location. Please visit for additional troubleshooting. 


Why am I not receiving notifications from Crossbar for team updates or payment information? 

Sometimes, communications from Crossbar can be sent to your junk or SPAM folders. Be sure that you have and in your email contacts. Email providers generally do not send emails to SPAM folders if coming from a known email contact.

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